Church Planting.

Our vision is to catalyze a church planting movement across Chicagoland and Illinois.

Equipping leaders to plant churches.

With 3,500 to 4,000 churches closing every year and a population that continues to grow, we need to plant more churches in North America to be able to keep pace with our growth and reach the majority of Americans who don’t attend a church.

The church is a body, not a building. Many communities have church buildings but not church bodies ministering the gospel and reaching their communities.

Although the gospel doesn’t change, the culture in which we’re communicating it does. We need new churches to reach new generations of people with the unchanging message of the gospel.

Lead a church plant.

Every year we take church planting (or re-planting) couples through a nine-month high investment, high return experience that catalyzes their health and fruitfulness as planters. In addition to raising up internal candidates from within our family of churches, we partner with couples from like-minded churches who share our vision of planting gospel-centered, deep and wide, multiplying churches. Residency will be done from Ashburn Church here in Orland Park, IL.

What To Expect

After you are assessed and approved, you will begin Ashburn residency. Residency is not an internship. It is a highly intentional leadership experience for experienced pastors who want to make the greatest impact they can make in church planting. You will be poured into by seasoned coaches and mentors who are invested in your success. We believe the gospel changes everything, including how you plant a church. By experiencing gospel-centered culture and having the gospel applied to your life, you’ll be better equipped to plant a gospel movement in your city. As a resident, you will have the opportunity to be connected to our network of supporting and sending churches.

How To Apply

Residency begins August 1 and ends April 30. We begin considering candidates in October of the prior year and begin making decisions in March.

Inquiry → Assessment → Approval → Residency
To inquire, fill out our Church Planter Interest Form and someone from our staff will follow up with you.

Serve a church plant.

Serve on a Launch Team

Not everyone is called to lead a church plant, but maybe God is calling you to use your spiritual gifts to help us plant another church.  Apply to serve on a launch team.

Support a church plant

Maybe you can’t go, but you would like to give. Your generosity helps fuel the mission of God as we seek to take the message of the Gospel to every community.